About Us

Customized HR solutions

Today Human Resources is a business process partner meeting today’s human resource needs in organizations. Recruitment, Training, Performance Management, Employee Retention etc are some of the partnerships we engage in with organizations, to ensure business success through its people.

All our actions and engagements are guided by the belief that employees are the most valuable asset to any company

The work, values, and alternative paradigms of human resource management are not yet well understood by many in our market, or even by many of its own professionals. As a result, the profession faces challenges in differentiating and legitimizing itself and, with the great growth in numbers of Human Resource practitioners many organizations risk ending up with not the resources it needs to maintain profitability.  Today Human Resources is committed to continuing to offer excellence to those it serves, identifying Human Capital Management  beliefs and engaging in ongoing dialogue to shape, question, learn from, and enact them.

We are based in Nairobi and have exposure across Central, East and West Africa. Our target clients are SME’s, we seek to establish a partnership with the SME’s in ensuring execution of the people strategy.

In this growing global economy, human resource functions are becoming increasingly complex and resource-intensive.

Today Human Resources will partner with you to offer Human Capital Services. We deliver these services by being the on the ground partner on all your human resource needs.


Provide customized HR outsourcing, consultation, training and education services designed to improve the competitive positioning of your organization.  Our quality services are delivered with a flexible approach that exceeds customer expectations.


To be the best and effective Human Resource Agency globally.

Quality Policy

The cornerstones of Today Human Resources are Quality, Reliability & Service Quality System is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing best quality, on-time delivery, and service reliability. Top management is fully committed to this goal, but to achieve this goal requires the continued involvement and commitment of our dedicated employees.

Our Values

Focus on customer success
  • Customers are at the center of everything we do.
  • We measure success by our ability to help advance our customers’ work and their professions
  • We learn from customers and provide solutions that support them best
  • We treat our customers with honesty and respect
Aim high and deliver
  • We’re responsible for the right results.
  • We’re determined: we work hard and smart
  • We set clear goals and focus on speed and quality in reaching them
  • We demonstrate personal and professional integrity: we set high standards for ourselves in all we do
Make it better
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation.
  • We’re inspired by opportunities and challenges, and eager to act
  • We focus on innovations that matter
  • We are global citizens who care and give back
Win as a team
  • We’re stronger together.
  • We create rewarding work environments: we inspire and support each other to achieve success
  • We are one team: we collaborate and share knowledge across Today Human Resources
  • We value diversity: we are open and inclusive and treat each other with respect

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

We take on the burden of HR administration so you can put your focus back on client relationships, building an effective team, and growing your profits. We help you reduce costs, limit your business risk, and save time and money.